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Engraving is a unique way to add a permanent and memorable touch to items. A hand engraver is used to permanently etch on glass, metal and ceramic surfaces. For an added touch, a metallic finish in gold or silver can be applied to many surfaces.

Fragrances | Candles | Alcohol Bottles | Beauty Products | Metal Tumblers



Perla Ledesma Chicago Calligrapher and Engraver Engraved Flask Groomsmen Gifts Bachelor Pa
Chicago Calligrapher Hinsdale Engraver Hot Foiling Heat Gold Luggage Tags Leather


Hot foiling is a technique involving the application of heat and pressure to special foil, allowing the addition of calligraphy to a surface. This process employs a specialized heat tool to apply metallic foil onto leather and other surfaces.

Luggage Tags | Card Holders | Journals | Bibles | Silk

Calligraphy is a decorative handwriting technique and beautiful art form that enhances your event, letters, cards, and gifts. A pointed pen and ink, a brush pen or special markers are used to elegantly write pretty letters on various surfaces. 

Place Cards | Note Cards | Gift Tags| Envelopes | Champagne Bottles | Tote Bags





Elevate your events with personalized experiences that captivate your audience. Based in Chicago, but available for travel, Perla offers on-site services that infuse thoughtfulness and sophistication into every occasion. With a dedicated approach to her craft and a warm personality, Perla provides a memorable experience and timeless keepsakes for your clients, employees, or guests.

From unveiling a brand to corporate or store functions, conferences to exclusive gatherings, and even weddings & quinceañeras, Perla specializes in celebrating milestones with a unique touch. Let Plume + Script help you make your event unforgettable.

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